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  1. Astronomy Adventures came to 3 weeks ago and gave a fantastic and engaging presentation before an evening of star gazing. The team that came were really knowledgeable and happy to answer questions and we had a very special evening learning outside!

  2. Had a fabulous day today organised by Astronomy.Adventures at St Richards Catholic College – their free event celebrated 50 years since the first man on the moon. Highlights had to be the high altitude balloon releases, Dr David Whitehouse talk and the Inflatable planetarium! Thank you to Andy and the team for making such a significant anniversary so very memorable for us.

  3. Thank You Andy for coming to Pestalozzi International Village and sharing your knowledge. It was great to know about a lot of Constellations and Celestial bodies. 5 stars to you 🙂

    1. It was our pleasure and glad you had such a good time. I also understand you are doing some outreach yourself in Nepal?

  4. I mentioned to a work colleague that there was an event being held at bexhill old bathing hut on Tuesday night looking at partial eclipse of the Moon saw my work colleague following morning she was absolutely blown away at what she had seen Jupiter and it’s moons Saturn she said the guys and their scopes were fantastic well done Astronomy Adventures

  5. What a fabulous evening in Bexhill under the night sky!A wonderful viewing experience!We viewed Saturn,Mars and our personal favourite The Moon using the most amazing telescopes!The star maps were a great idea too.A big Thank you to our host Andy Lawes and all his friends for such an informative and magical evening for our families.So good to know that this is an available session for school,colleges and children’s parties.Many Thanks we will be back!
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  6. Crowhurst WI welcomed Astronomy Adventures to our meeting where we learned about the Apollo missions and what’s going on in the night sky this summer. It was fun and informative – where else can one hold a 4 billion year old meteor??!!

  7. I took my 4 and 6 year old boys. We spent a few hours there and we all really enjoyed the day. The planetarium was really cool as was looking through the big telescopes . my 6 year old loved designing a space suit. Their favourite part was making a rocket and taking it out to the launch pad for blast off. Which they repeated many times. 🙂 fab day enjoyed by all. Will definitely return next year! 😀
    P.s the stormtroopers were awesome!

  8. Absolutely brilliant evening spent with Andy from Astronomy Adventures. Educational, extremely interesting and the international space station turned up on time too. I highly recommend and would encourage people to give them a try. Thank you so much for an amazing insight.

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