Astronomy Adventures UK brings the Universe to you! Call now to book and and his telescope for a tour of our Night Skies that you will never forget!

Solar Viewing

Not only can you observe at night but if you have an interest in the Sun you can view it safely through Astronomy Adventures telescopes in White light to view Sunspots or H-Alpha to view prominence’s and detail on the stars surface.

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Star Parties

Here at Astronomy Adventures we can cater for small or large groups of all ages, Andy has a Fully enhanced DBS, and has worked with all groups of people.

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The Moon

The Moon our closest neighbour, and reveal countless craters, rills and mountains, we will point out the Moon landing sites and more. Learn More Do you remember when the skies were darker, the stars stood out brighter and the wonder and awe of the night sky was enough to captivate the imagination? Astronomy Adventures does. In 2015, Astronomy Adventures began helping people discover The beauty of the Night Sky. Astronomy Adventures offers educational and entertaining guided night sky tours. The tours are a great way to experience the grandeur of an unspoiled night sky filled with thousands of bright, twinkling stars. I invite you to join me for an experience that goes far beyond the ordinary. Here in The skies of East Sussex, we still have skies that are clear and dark enough to explore the many fascinating jewels of the night. Come on out and get acquainted with some of nature’s most distant and beautiful creations. Browse the navigation bar to learn more about Astronomy Adventures. I look forward to sharing the beauty and majesty of the Night sky with you. Thanks for stopping by and Clear Skies! Andy Lawes FRAS


Next Steps…

Dont delay ring today and book your Astronomy Adventures Star Party Having a friendly, low-key guide to help you make sense of what you are seeing and experiencing the natural wonders of the night sky with your own eyes will bring your textbook knowledge of the universe to life. Astronomy Adventures highlight objects that are most favourably placed depending upon the time of year. A large Schmidt Cassigrain computer controlled telescope is used, it can show a great amount of detail on planets and the moon as well as star clusters, nebulae and galaxies many light years distant. Call to Action